What makes you or your business different and stand out from your competitors or colleagues is what sets you or your company apart.

Whether you are a professional in the corporate world wanting to take your career to the next level, an entrepreneur looking for a competitive edge or a senior professional wanting to get on boards your brand needs to create an image or persona that differentiates you in the mind of your peers, employers, employees, groups or organizations.

Even if you have a fabulously successful business, having a brand keeps you current and creates a lasting impression. Your brand helps sell yourself; it is one of your best marketing tools you have. Especially in the digital age, where everything about you is visible for the world to read. It’s better that you create your voice, build your credibility and visibility than for others to “brand you.”

  • Understanding the Marketplace & Your Competitors
  • Developing Your Mission, Vision, & Values
  • Brand Positioning
  • Communications Plans
  • Developing Your Voice & Brand Persona

Case Study

The Challenge

Employment lawyer wants to stand out in the marketplace.

Employment law is a crowded field, especially when searching for an employment lawyer online. While my client wanted more business, he wanted to stand-out as a thought leader in his industry. So, the task became how to differentiate himself as a thought leader to get noticed.

Building Blocks

There were few subject experts in employment law focusing on the impact legalization of marijuana would have in the workplace, which became my client’s sweet spot. A microsite was developed and linked to his law firm, writing blogs regularly, getting active on social media, making contacts with HR trade publications and media as a subject expert as well as developing connections with national media reporters.


Through aggressive media outreach and commenting on workplace issues in the national media my client is invited to speak on the topic to industry leaders and has landed clients that require expert guidance in this area.


Find out what makes your career or company Exceptional & Unique.