Branding for Entrepreneurial Women

How does your company measure up?

You may be starting a new business or have been in business for a long time and need a refresh of your brand or your status as a successful entrepreneur.  How effectively are you leveraging your brand or company for your clients/customers and external contacts?

Even if you are running a fabulously successful business, you may want to reach more customers, launch a new product or service.

  • Research Audit & Analysis
  • Internal/External Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Refresh of LinkedIn & all social media profiles & blogs
  • Website re-design & content development or refresh website

Case Study

The Challenge

Changing Careers. Building a New Chapter.

A former sales executive in the telecom business, my client wanted to change gears and go out on her own. She is an exceptional and successful sales person and wanted to use her expertise to start a sales training company. The Challenge moving from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur and getting the word out.

Building Blocks

Using her expertise as a successful salesperson, she created various sales training programs to offer companies, sales teams, and individuals. A thorough analysis of target audiences conducted, key messages created, a website developed, revisions made to her LinkedIn and social media platforms.

The next step was to get the word out by holding workshops on effective sales techniques and networking to target audiences, especially women’s groups.


The company is thriving, and my client was happy not to be working in a large organization.


Find out what makes your career or company Exceptional & Unique.