Branding for Professional & C-Suite Women

You may be looking for new challenges in your job or organization, wanting to change careers, move into the C-Suite, sit on boards, or take on a new opportunity. Whatever your goal, the first step is to do the due diligence. What makes you YOU!

How do your peers, company leadership or external contacts view your persona or brand? Does it match your goals and objectives?

  • Research Audit & Analysis
  • Internal/External Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Refresh of LinkedIn & All Social Media Profiles & Blogs
  • Resume Review & Rewrite

Case Study

The Challenge

Family Physician becomes sought after media subject expert on healthy aging for women

A much-respected family physician in the medical community for thirty plus years was looking to expand her reach and share her knowledge on healthy aging beyond her practice and peers to become a thought leader.

Building Blocks

Leverage client expertise via PR by commenting in the media about healthy aging issues, reaching out to women’s groups as a thought leader & speaker, become a regular contributor on a radio show targeted to women, and write a book on healthy aging.


Client has been recognized for her achievements by her peers and is a much sought-after speaker both nationally and internationally. She has been given numerous awards for her achievements. Her book is now in its’ third printing.


Find out what makes your career or company Exceptional & Unique.