About Marjorie Wallens

Marjorie is a marketing communications and brand strategist and brings more than 25+ years of building awareness for company products and services that lead to increased sales and new opportunities.

As a former network broadcaster and journalist, Marjorie is able to distil complex information to help clients tell their stories and create highly effective marketing strategies.

After a successful career in journalism she worked in the corporate world, as head of corporate communications for a number of national and international companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, and priszm brandz -owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in Canada, before starting her own company.

Preferring to work with small to mid-sized professional services firms that like to work as partners and want a customized approach to finding solutions to business challenges, Marjorie founded New Boston Communications.

What differentiates New Boston Communications and her team, is their dedication, energy and breadth of senior level expertise to identify goals and challenges and come up with solutions based on a collaborative approach.

New Boston has worked in both the B-to-B space as well as B-to -C and in a variety of sectors including; law, education, transportation, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health, hospitality, broadcasting, financial services and tourism, and not for profit.


 Identify. Define. Communicate.

Find out how we help build awareness and create new opportunities



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