There are lots of employment lawyers but how do you stand out?  That was the challenge posed by an employment lawyer at a mid-sized law firm in Toronto.The sale of cannabis in Canada would become legal in a year and a half. Naturally, there would be many issues and questions about the impact weed would have in the workplace. At the time, the discussion was focused on legal issues, not the employment law side of the equation.  This gave us about a year to establish my client as a subject expert and the GO-TO person on weed in the workplace.
The strategy was to take part in as many panels in the HR space and provide commentary in articles, reach out to HR professionals and hold webinars, launch a proactive media campaign to introduce my client to reporters covering the story. And develop a microsite attached to the company’s main website on weed in the workplace with an organic and paid Google search component. LinkedIn & Twitter, was also used to provide comment and attract followers.
The client became a noted subject expert on weed in the workplace in Canada and frequently sought for media comment. He also became a consultant providing advice and guidance to industries such as the transportation sector affected by the legislation.
And an employment lawyer expanded his practice area and stood out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.